Maui White Rock Beach Wedding of Tanja and Patrick

Maui White Rock Beach Wedding of Tanja and Patrick


This beautiful Maui Beach wedding of Tanja and Patrick took place at White Rock Beach in Wailea. They traveled all the way from Luxembourg, Europe for their Maui Wedding.

Laki Kaahumanu was the wedding minister.

Lori and Jamie Lawrence of Tropical Maui Weddings did the wedding co-ordination in their classic spirit of excellence and loving aloha.

Jamie Lawrence played 12 string and serenaded  Tanja and Patrick with his beautiful voice and exquisite 12 string guitar.

Since  Tanja and Patrick live in Europe, I spent two solid days color perfecting and doing a light retouch to their photos, so I could deliver their photo discs to them before they left.

When I delivered their photo discs to them, I was very touched that they not only shared a generous tip with me, but Tanja gifted me with her wedding bouquet, which was a first for me.

I placed Tanja’s beautiful wedding bouquet by the picture of my Mother who passed away last year.

Here is Tanja’s feedback about her photos:


Thank you again for everything you have done for us. I really can’t
describe how happy we are.

My mom loves the pictures and sends you all her love.

One picture more beautiful then another!!!

You are an angel!!!!
Sending you all the love in the world.

WOW!!!!  They are  just beautiful!!!!  The pictures are a dream!

I love, love. love, them!!!!
Really, I can’t even stop looking at them for a second.

You are so great my friend. I never thought I could look so beautiful
and feminine in a picture.

I just love every picture you made! 

Thank you for making this the most “wonner shein” day of our lives!



Here’s some feedback from my Grammy artist musician and composer friend Peter Kater,  when he saw Tanja and Patrick’s wedding video/slideshow below:

Really nice Richard. I watched it. Made me cry. I miss Maui so much. I love Jamie’s voice.


*  Tania and Patrick’s wedding was especially powerful to me and all those present as it represented the preciousness of life as it moved though the cycles of birth, marriage, and death.

 Their wedding occurred at White Rock Beach, which is the very location of the fatal shark attack occurred last week.

It   was one week and one day after the shark attack on 20 year old German woman, Jana Lutteropp, and was one day after Jana passed away.

I have been sending prayers to Jana along with many on Maui and many others all around the world.

May Jana’s beautiful spirit rest in peace. ~*~

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