Graphi Studios Wedding Albums – Venice Italy

Graphi Studios Wedding Albums – Venice Italy


I have been  taking a series of seminars with PPA  (Professional Photographers of America)  and Creative Live, which were led by the best wedding photographers in the world.

Through the teachings of these master level photographers, I have discovered they all use  the creators of the finest wedding albums in the world, Graphistudios, which is located just north of Venice, Italy.

The  artistic standards of GraphiStudios are so high that they actually interview a photographer and ask to see their work and website before they will accept them as a client.

When I was in Venice to shoot a wedding last year, I visited the  incredible world class  facility where  Graphistudio creates their albums and I was very impressed at the world class quality of their work.

I feel quite honored to be accepted by GraphiStudios as a photographer, as they truly offer the world class artistry that Venetian artists have claimed for centuries on end.

My prime focus is to deliver  the highest degree of artistry in the spirit  of aloha to my lovely clients on all levels.

I have made an executive decision to now offer my clients the finest GraphiStudios heirloom quality albums in the world,

wedding albums  that will be truly cherished and passed on from family member to family member like  precious jewels for generations to come.

The photo above is one I took when I was blessed to shoot  a wedding of a lovely couple from China in Venice last summer.

The video below inspires and reignites  my love for the exquisite high level of artistry that has poured forth from Venice though the ages.

Enjoy the beauty you are about to partake in when you push the “play” button below ~

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